Information regarding how to apply for our Sixth Form is available here.

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Additional Independent Learning

Resources to support Home Learning for Parents

Free resources and activities, including books being read, for all things Roal Dahl

Lots of free Easter Activities covering lots of different subject areas

Resources for 10-18 year olds based around Higher Education

Lots of activities and quizzes based around Art

Free Audible stories for all age groups

Free 6 week trial of First News, a newspaper designed for young people. Includes activities based around the newspaper too

Lots of colour by numbers activities-including famous works of art!

New ‘learning at home’ section being produced. Lots of ‘old’ stuff very useful too until that is online

Free online learning for a wide range of subjects

Free maths and grammar skills and games

Lots of ideas for self care to promote positive wellbeing

Indoor activities list from the Scouts

Free access to a wide range of ebooks

Lots of quick quiz questions and puzzle type activities.

Free amazon kindle books for children

There are even more available here:

Women Inventors Quiz - June 2020