Year 9 Netball

2 October 2019

Congratulations to our Year 9 students on their performance last night in their first 2 league games against Arthur Mellows Village College and Ormiston Bushfield Academy.

We had a new line and welcomed 4 new players to the team. Both matches were fast paced throughout - an area we are focussing on controlling this season. Hampton Gardens were leading at half time in both matches and managed to hold off Ormiston Bushfield Academy in the circle by maintaining possession until the final whistle. The Arthur Mellows Village College game displayed some great interceptions from nowhere which disrupted the play in centre court but unfortunately we panicked when attacking resulting in Arthur Mellows Village Academy pulling ahead. The girls reviewed their play and are looking forward to tonight’s tournament, please wish them luck!

HG V OBA – 6-6
HG V AMVC – 4-10

1. Lacey L
2. Emilia M – Players' player
3. Annabel Y – Manager's player
4. Claudia H
5. Amelia PB
6. Aimee J
7. Zara K
8. Kumba S
9. Dami O
10. Aiyla H