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European Day of Languages

26 September 2017

The 24 September signaled the start of European Week of Languages this year, a week-long celebration of different cultures and languages throughout Europe. Pupils spent the week learning about lots of different cultures during French lessons and even learnt how to say hello in 10 different languages. We also had the opportunity to hear some of our bi-lingual students talk to us in their native language which was both fascinating and exciting to hear such a range of different languages being spoken within our school. Lunchtimes were spent playing language-based games on Linguascope, eating croissants and pains au chocolat whilst listening to songs in French & Polish, as well as learning some German phrases. The pupils also helped to create some amazing posters about why it is important that we learn (or at least respect) other languages, with some responses including, "because they make the World an interesting place", "because they are fun", and "because learning a language is the best way to learn about other cultures". All the pupils participated in the week in some way and all had excellent, mature ideas about how and why we should support our multi-cultural World but the best part of the week was definitely hearing them all try to sing along to Moana in 25 different languages...