Cross Country

30 September 2019

Cross Country

Congratulations to the students below on their performance last night at the second cross country race at Stanground Academy. Year groups were combined: Year 7 & Year 8 and Year 9 & Year 10. The heavens opened as soon as we arrived so it was ‘perfect’ wet and windy conditions throughout all 4 races although Miss Mead is sure the students thought differently! Thank you to all the parents and family members that attended to support the Hampton Gardens' runners!


Y7&8 Girls 124 runners in total
Calleigh C (Y8) –25th
Ella F (Y8) – 51st
Olivia B (Y8) – 69th
Lillia P (Y8) – 76th
Millie P (Y8) – 85th
Carmen P (Y7) – 97th
Chloe C (Y8)- 98th
Jess M (Y7) – 101st

Y7&8 Boys 103 runners in total
Leon C (Y7) – 5th
Owen P (Y8) – 20th
Drayke G (Y7) – 48th
Luke F (Y8) – 51st
Ryan W (Y8) – 52nd
Kacper K (Y7) – 55th
Thomas D (Y8) -78th

Y9 Girls 162 runners in total and running against Y10S
Claudia H – 115th
Megan C – 131st
Amy P – 139th
Lillie-May B - `47th
Felicity M – 149th

Y9 Boys 165 runners in total and running against Y10S
Lewis W – 111th
Fin D – 127th
Ed E – 133rd
Samuel C – 145th
Leo B – 147th