Design Technology

Year 7

We will start the year with a baseline assessment project called 'Paper Dude'. All students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent in a mini project where they will research, design and make a proper dude. The grade from this project will form their starting point in Design Technology

The rest of the year will be made up of three 12 week projects where students will focus on one speciality at a time. These will include Textiles Technology, Food Technology and Product/Graphic Design.

Year 8

Students cover three projects, on rotation across the year. These include Food Technology, Product Design and Textiles Technology and last for around 12 weeks.

Food Technology focuses on understanding and using and the Eatwell plate to create healthy chicken wraps. Raising agents form the basis of other dishes, including Bread and Dutch Apple Cake.

Product design has a focus on using metals in the workshop to create a Pewter cast product. Students will use a design movement to inspire their design ideas and final outcome.

Textiles Technology combines E-textiles to create a final product with a light feature. Students will continue to build on hand and sewing machine skills, develop their own pattern and work with increasing independence.