Music assessments will take place throughout the year with performing, composing and appraising music being a regular part of lessons. Students will undertake at least 6 main topics throughout the year with each topic being assessed practically (through a performance or composition). Assessments may also take the form of a listening or evaluation task which will be completed usually towards the middle or end of a topic.

Students will often be encouraged to work in groups and develop independent group learning skills alongside their solo work. To support their learning and preparation for assessments, students, where possible, should practice their parts within performances alongside revising and revisiting key vocabulary and the main musical elements: rhythm, duration, dynamics, tempo, structure, melody, harmony and instrumentation.

Year 7 Topics

Topic 1 Transition Project/Diagnostic Unit

Topic 2 Rhythm & Pulse

Topic 3 Christmas Sing

Topic 4 Pitch & The Elements of Music

Topic 5 Instruments of the Orchestra

Topic 6 Ukulele Project

Topic 7 Summer Sing

Year 8 Topics

Topic 1 Blues/Rock n Roll Music

Topic 2 Popular Song

Topic 3 Indian Music

Topic 4 African Music

Topic 5 Film Music

Topic 6 Musicals