Due to Government guidance, Hampton Gardens is closed.

The Move from Primary

Transition for those Students with SEND

Information regarding transition for students with SEND can be found here.

Further information regarding Achievement Support is available in the SEN Information Report.

There will be an opportunity for all parents/carers of children with SEND to attend a presentation on SEN Provision and inclusion at Hampton Gardens, delivered by Miss Bullough (SENCo) at the School's Parents' Information Evening on 30 June 2020.

Some Primary schools screen students for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. While these screeners have their uses in Key Stage 2, they are not used in Secondary schools for a number of reasons. Students with weak working memory, slow processing speeds and dyslexic learning profiles are supported through Quality First Teaching strategies that are delivered by our teaching staff in all lessons. Similarly, if your child is currently using a coloured overlay, Hampton Gardens will need to be provided with recent documentation from a trained specialist evidencing the need for tinted resources. You can access a referral for a Visual Stress assessment through your GP or through Specsavers.