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Year 7 Transition - September 2021

Information for Year 7 Intake - September 2021

This information is for those parents/carers whose child/ren who have been offered and accepted a place at Hampton Gardens for Year 7 in September 2021.


We will be providing parents, carers and students with a wealth of information in a variety of ways to support with their transition to Hampton Gardens School. Some of our traditional plans for transition have been adapted to ensure an effective and supportive transition process occurs. Below you will find an update with regards to the Year 6 transition.

We have:

  • Circulated a Year 6 ‘Virtual’ Parents Evening Information Video​.
  • Circulated a Year 6 Achievement Support Transition Information video.
  • Provided parents with an opportunity to ask any questions via Microsoft Forms​.
  • Recorded and sent out a virtual tour and introduction to Hampton Gardens for our SEND students​.
  • Recorded and sent out a virtual tour and introduction to Hampton Gardens for all Year 6 students.​
  • Held virtual transition meetings with Primary Schools.​
  • Form tutors have made contact with students.
  • Responded to Frequently Asked Questions

Actions for Parents to be completed before 30 April 2021:

Further information is available by clicking on the links below:

Correspondence to Parents/Carers

Information Booklet - March 2021

Admissions Information - click here to access electronic forms that need to be completed by parents/carers

School Uniform

School Meals and Free School Meals Information

Achievement Support - Transition for those Students with SEND

Year 6 Transition Video

Year 6 Achievement Support Transition Video

FAQ Form

FAQ Responses

Tour of the School Video

Advice from our Current Year 7 Students

If you have any further questions please email