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Admissions Information

Please click here to complete the electronic Admission Form.

Please note that the form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Unfortunately the form cannot be saved so you will need to complete it in one sitting.

In order to complete the form you will need the following information available:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Contact information for Priority Contacts (max 4 contacts):
    • Priority 1 and Priority 2 - if parent/carer:
      • Address
      • Mobile telephone number
      • Work telephone number
      • Home telephone number
      • Email
    • Priority 3 and 4 (if applicable):
      • Address
      • Mobile telephone number
      • Work telephone number
      • Home telephone number
  • If your child is subject to a Court Order, you will need to have the terms of the Court Order available.
  • Doctors Name, Surgery, address and telephone number
  • Information relating to any medical conditions
  • Date of last tetanus injection, if known
  • Children in Care: Personal Education Plan and the date the child went into care
  • SEN - Information and a note of any agencies your child has received support from

Please only complete this form if you have been offered a place for your child to start at Hampton Gardens in September 2020 and have accepted the offer.

Please send any supporting documentation to

If you have any queries relating to admissions for September 2020 please email