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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

At Hampton Gardens we strive to achieve and maintain the following for all members of our school community;

  • To ensure Hampton Gardens school is a safe and welcoming place for all
  • To ensure students feel well supported, are happy and healthy
  • To ensure staff at school feel well supported, are happy and healthy
  • To ensure parents/carers positively engage with Hampton Gardens school and are appropriately informed about what support is available for their child

Everybody has mental health needs and there has been a huge increase in the understanding of the need to recognise and support people’s mental health and wellbeing.

To ensure we provide the correct support for all students we have introduced a wave of intervention approach, which will help us to prioritise those students in need of additional and often specialist mental health and wellbeing support (Wave 2), whilst ensuring all students and parents/ carers are informed as to what Wave 1 support is available to them.

Wave 1 Support

Please click here to access our Wave 1 Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Booklet. This booklet provides you information with regards to what support services and organisations are available for you and your child to access independently of school.

You can also access our Parents Information PowerPoint here which gives further guidance and education as to how best to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

At Hampton Gardens we provide the following day to day support and opportunities for all students, which in turn supports their mental health and wellbeing

  • Praise and recognition via BROMCOM which can be accessed by parents via My Child at school
  • Lunch time and after school extra-curricular clubs
  • School trips and enrichment activities
  • End of term rewards and recognition including celebrations including breakfast of champions and reward vouchers for excellent attendance
  • Pastoral support
  • Education via Personal development lessons
  • Education via our form time curriculum plan

Wave 2 Support

It may be that in some cases some children will need additional support which can be accessed or provided by the school. Prior to such intervention being offered the following prerequisites will be expected to have been accessed / completed (depending upon the need of the child)

  • Parent/ carer meeting with a member of the pastoral team to discuss the needs of the child
  • Engagement with KOOTH online counselling services (this service is free) and engagement with the ‘managing emotions’ and ‘helpful habits’ activities.
  • Engagement with our Wellbeing Support Booklet available here and Parents Information PowerPoint available here.

We can offer the following Wave 2 support interventions.

  • Attendance Support
  • Romsey Mill
  • YDP Mentoring
  • Crops
  • Boxing Futures
  • Younited Referrals
  • EHA Advice