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My Child at School

My Child at School

Parents are provided with a username and password in order to gain access to their childrens information held on Bromcom which is the Management Information System (MIS) used by the School. Bromcom can be accessed from the Hampton Gateway section of the website.

When logging on you will have the Homepage displayed which gives an snapshot overview of your childs information, you are then able to navigate to the following pages.

If you wish to change your password or email address then choose the 'Settings' option at the top of the screen and then click on 'Account Settings'

Attendance - this lets you see the attendance for the academic year and gives you a percentage attendance figure to the current date

Assessment - this page will populate with information as and when the school collects and publishes assessment and exam information.

Reports - this page will populate with reports produced throughout the year to show your childs progress in lessons plus current and expected grades.

Behaviour - the homepage only lists the five most recent recordings, this page will let you delve into more detail.

Homework - here you will be able to see any homework set for your child.

Parent Evening - this is the area that you are able to make your appointments online when the school announce that this is open to accept bookings. Teachers can see who and hasn't booked and are able to follow this up if necessary.

Timetables - view your childs full timetable for any given week.

Announcements - any announcements made by the school that are relevant to your child will be displayed here.

For a more detailed guide on MCAS please click here.