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Home Learning

Home Learning

What is our homework ethos?

The ethos towards the quantity and length of homework expected at Hampton Gardens is based on educational and scientific research such as the Education Endowment Foundation who state “the quality of the task set appears to be more important than the quantity of work required from the pupil.” Instead they emphasise ensuring the value of “homework relates to learning during normal school time … (that is)… an integral part of learning, rather than an add-on.” Reflective of this, homework length is determined by the nature and the range of the task required at the time to facilitate the learning required to support the curriculum at that point. This could include shorter home learning of quizzes, such as multiple choice to check, retrieve and embed prior learning and longer home learning requiring research and essay writing to develop exam technique. (Education Endowment, ‘Homework’ 2021).

How is homework set?

Homework is set, submitted and marked via Microsoft Teams and is not accessed through the Bromcom homework function. Parents will receive notification of failure to complete homework via Bromcom/My Child at School. Parent and student help guides for using Microsoft Teams can be accessed using this link. Teams will also be used should it be necessary for students to access work from home in the future.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed via Office 365. All students at Hampton Gardens are able to download Microsoft Office 365 for free using their school login. A parent and student help guide for installing Office 365 can be accessed using this link.

How much homework will my child be set?

To ensure students are set meaningful homework relevant to their current learning there is no homework timetable with the majority of subjects setting homework fortnightly (please see table below). There will is no official homework set for PD, PE, Music, Drama, Art or Technology. Instead students will be made aware of the extra curricular opportunities and independent project work available in these subjects and should utilise their time after school and weekends to develop their skills and knowledge in these subjects. Any project work submitted will receive feedback.

Key Stage 3:

Key Stage 4:

Key Stage 4 homework expectations promote independent revision alongside set homework. Independent revision is an important skill and should be a key part of home-learning throughout all Key Stages. Students will be given guidance on how best to revise for different tests and examinations, but this could include attending extra sessions, watching a video on YouTube or creating a revision booklet.

Independent reading is a key aspect of independent study which students are encouraged to undertake as part of their home learning. This is to ensure students are equipped with the literacy and vocabulary necessary to achieve their aspirations at each stage and have the skills required in the workplace or University.

What if my child is struggling with the home learning?

At Hampton Gardens we ask students to spend an allocated amount of time on a piece of homework and recognise that not all students will produce the same amount of work. Where appropriate students should inform their teacher of any issues before the homework is due in. In addition teachers can be contacted via the relevant Pastoral emails or a note can be made in their planner to inform the teacher. Reasonable adjustments will be made to support students including the provision of a daily homework club.

What if my child does not complete their homework?

If a student fails to hand in three homework assignments in a week without sufficient reason they will be placed in a same day 50 minute after school detention where they will be expected to complete the missed homework. This adjustment has been made to ensure all students meet school expectations with regards to engagement in their learning.

Should there be any issues with students accessing their homework on Teams please write a note in the student planner and we will work together to find a solution.