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Computing and ICT

Students will learn both ICT and Computer Science concepts throughout their time at Hampton Gardens; giving them the tools to tackle the ever-changing world we live in.

In Year 7 the order of study is as follows:

  • Term 1 - Basic ICT Office skills
  • Term 2 - Computer Systems
  • Term 3 – Interactive PowerPoint
  • Term 4- Programming with Logo
  • Term 5 – Programming with Scratch
  • Term 6 – Individual project

In Year 8 we are developing the student knowledge of applications and Computer Science concepts.

The order of study for Year 8 is as follows :

  • Term 1 – Spreadsheets
  • Term 2 – Programming with GameMaker
  • Term 3 – Programming with Kodu
  • Term 4 – Advanced Programming with Logo
  • Term 5- Advanced Office skills
  • Term 6 – Individual Project
E – Safety

A topic that is taken with the greatest importance at Hampton Gardens. Lessons are taught throughout Year 7 to provide students with the knowledge of how to respond in different Scenarios. In Year 8 refresher lessons are provided.

In Year 9 we informing the students of the different pathways that computer studies can take them as they come to make their important GCSE option choices.

The order of study for Year 9 is as follows :

  • Term 1 – Python Programming
  • Term 2 – App Making
  • Term 3 – Sound with Audacity
  • Term 4 – Computer Crime and cyber crime
  • Term 5- Networks and E-safety
  • Term 6 – Individual Project

Computer Science

Students will be undertaking the OCR qualification in Computer Science.

In this course it has two exams that are worth 50% each.

Unit 1 – Computer Systems- covers areas such as CPUS, network, web security and ethics

Unit 2 – Algorithms and Programming – covers areas such as programming, sorting algorithms and search algorithms.

IT Award Vocational

Students can also take the IT qualification which contains two units. One unit is an exam and one unit is coursework. They are 50% each.

Unit 1 – the first unit is an exam which covers areas such as computers in the world, different types of computers and networks

Unit 2 - is a coursework unit that students will be given a scenario in which they will have to create a document on either spreadsheets or access.