Our Year 6 Open Evening will be virtual this year, with video tour, presentation and prospectus available to view from Thursday 1 October 2020.


In Drama our aim is:

• To develop Knowledge & Understanding of Drama as an academic subject;
• To explore and develop Drama Skills in a safe and experimental working environment;
• To develop well-rounded individuals;
• To develop life skills;
• To foster a culture for appreciation of the Arts;
• To offer an enriching programme of extra-curricular opportunities

At HG students will gain knowledge and understanding of Drama as an Art form, yet also develop skills in leadership, communication, time management, organisation, creativity and self-discipline – all of which will assist students in a variety of career paths. Consequently, drama is delivered to all students in Year 7, 8 and 9 and will be offered as a GCSE Option in Key Stage 4.

Study of Drama matters…

“Theatre should ennoble the mind and uplift the spirit” – Konstantin Stanislavski

On a personal level:
• It contributes to the whole person [life skills, personal enrichment]
• It prompts creativity
• It inspires talent
• It provides a sense of escapism
• It provides an opportunity to make sense of the world
• It can promote tolerance and understanding of the wider world
• It aids individuals in developing personal opinions [Political/Social]

Drama helps young people achieve because:

Every child matters:

• Every child has a talent. Performance is one area in which an individual can experience success, whether it be through excellence in performance/production, or developing confidence.

Skills learnt in Drama are applicable to all Careers:

• Communication
• Leadership
• Confidence
• Independent Learning
• Literacy/Analytical Skills
• Intelligence
• Creative Thinking
• Understanding of human emotion
• Collaboration and Cooperation

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KS4 GCSE Drama

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