Our Approach:

As a department we want to inspire as many students as possible to be musically active, to build confidence in their abilities as musicians and hopefully enable them to build a lifelong love of music. Our music curriculum is aimed at increasing students' self-confidence and creativity with a view to improving their overall sense of achievement and wellbeing. We also aim to make it FUN! We want to give a broad range of musical experiences to students building confidence in performing, performing and the ability to critically evaluate the music they listen to.

All students will receive an hour of music a week during our Foundation stage (Key Stage 3). In addition, we have a team of peripatetic musicians who deliver 30-minute instrumental lessons either individually or in pairs. Students can learn drums, keyboards, guitar, vocals, strings, brass and woodwind instruments. It is hoped that we will be able to offer more instrument choices in the future.

Our approach is very inclusive which can be seen through the various different opportunities we offer students which will enable them to be able to continue with music at KS4 and KS5. In partnership with the local music hub, we are able to offer many exciting projects and opportunities for our Gifted and Talented musicians and singers.


We have 3 music specific classrooms, 1 of which is equipped with 15 computers and midi keyboards. All computers run Cubase, Musecore and VIP Studios. Students have access to 4 practice rooms where they can use a piano, drum kit, bass, acoustic and electric guitars and amps. We have a large range of African instruments as well as Keyboards, Strings, Ukuleles and tuned/untuned percussion instruments.


As a department we run several extra-curricular clubs. These include:

Hampton Trusts’ Orchestra/Choir

Hampton Gardens Choir

Hampton Gardens Band

String Ensemble

Ukulele Club

Music Theory Club

Music Tech Club

Rock School Band Rehearsals


We put on several concerts and events throughout the year, both in school and in the local community, including:

Hampton Gardens Trusts concerts

Spring Showcase

Christmas Carol concert

Summer concert

School Production

Open Evening